Friday, October 3, 2014


 Rod Temperton

Rodney Lynn Temperton was born 15th October in 1947 in Cleethorpes, part of
Lincolnshire, England.


He is a songwriter and musician and most famous for writing several hit songs for Michael Jackson: "Thriller" the title track, "Rock with You", "Off the Wall", "The Lady in My Life", and for Michael McDonald: "Sweet Freedom", "Ya Mo Be There", and for The Brothers Johnson: "Stomp!, "I'll Be Good to 'Ya," and for George Benson: "Love x Love", "Give Me the Night", and for Patti Austin: "Do You Love Me?","Love Me to Death", "Baby, Come to Me" (a duet with James Ingram), and for Quincy Jones: "The Dude", "Razzamatazz", "Somethin' Special", "Turn on the Action", "The Secret Garden", "Back on the Block", and "You Put a Move on My Heart" for Quincy Jones featuring Tamia. (Also recorded by Mica Paris).

Mr. Temperton got his start in the music business as a keyboard player in the late 1970's with the disco group Heatwave

While touring with Heatwave, Rod wrote all of their hit songs; "Boogie Nights", "The Groove Line" and perhaps his most recorded composition of all-time; "Always and Forever".

Other singers who have recorded his song "Always and Forever" include Luther
Vandross, Diana Ross, Johnny Mathis, Kenny Rogers, The Four Tops, Alexander O'Neal, Silk, and even Mexican-American singer Adán Sánchez recorded a version in Spanish titled "Siempre y para siempre".

We congratulate Mr. Temperton for his extraordinary songwriting career and we welcome him as an ISR Soul Music Radio Hall of Famer! 

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